Virginia is blessed with natural resources that would allow us to scale down foreign oil consumption and stop sending our hard-earned money abroad. Israel continues to be a strong proponent of Virginia’s natural resources and the Virginians who make a living in connection with them. 

Virginia has an abundance of coal and natural gas, which both play an integral part in Virginia’s future. Coal is the most affordable and proven method of electricity generation in Southwest Virginia. While other sources such as wind and solar can augment generation, coal provides the base load for the vast majority of electricity. Coal literally keeps the lights on, and provides reliable, affordable, on-demand electricity that powers our lives, businesses and community organizations. With the advent of extremely advanced coal plants like Dominion’s Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center in Wise County, generation of electricity is cleaner than ever before.  

Natural gas is a rapidly emerging alternative fuel option. It is clean-burning and affordable, and Southwest Virginia has significant amounts of it.  As natural gas engines are shifting from a theory into reality, it is crucial that Southwest Virginia be on the leading edge of this proven and emerging technology.  

The energy sector is also a vast creator of jobs in Southwest Virginia.  Many people throughout the 5th District are employed by a variety of energy-related companies and an even larger number of jobs are indirectly tied to energy. Recent Federal policies and proposed regulations would cause a drastic shift away from tried and true energy sources such as coal. Israel believes that Virginia should be a steadfast, commonsense energy leader that can serve as a model for the rest of America to follow.