Senior Citizens

Unfortunately, Virginia’s senior citizens are often the target of some of the most prevalent and deceiving scams. Criminals have tried to prey on seniors with scams that aim to collect personal information through phone calls and emails. Other scams advertise rates that are too good to be true for services and then try to intimidate seniors into paying double or triple the advertised rate. 

Israel believes that anyone found guilty of such crimes should be punished to the maximum sentence of the law.  Scamming a senior citizen or trying to steal their identity is absolutely unacceptable.  

While serving in the Virginia Attorney General’s office, Israel worked throughout Southwest Virginia to setup TRIAD programs that bring seniors and law enforcement together to help one another.  The seniors gain valuable tips and tools that can protect them from scams, and law enforcement gains knowledge of the latest scams and the perpetrators of those scams.  Israel believes that such partnerships are very valuable and he has worked to continue helping Virginia’s senior citizens.  He has also advocated for stronger laws that protect seniors from criminals.