Virginia Values

Israel is a Southwest Virginian who was born, raised and educated here. He now lives and works here as well and believes that Southwest Virginia’s values are second to none. In fact, Southwest Virginia values are what help make our region so special.

Israel is pro-life and believes Virginia should foster a culture of life. He strongly opposed the recent proposed legislation that would have allowed unrestricted late-term abortions. Additionally, he has voted for legislation to make adoption and foster care easier for Virginia families. So many folks in our region and across the country would love to be a parent via adoption or foster care, and it is critically important that we have a process whereby they can do so.

He also believes in the rights of Virginians to worship as they choose, just as the Founding Fathers believed as they were forming the United States of America.

Additionally, Israel believes in the rights of Virginia property owners. He was a partner with the Virginia Farm Bureau in ensuring the Property Rights Amendment passed the Virginia House of Delegates. Property ownership is the right of all who choose to exercise it.